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Empathy,* access and more.

1.8 Billion

People with Disabilities

$13 Trillion

Global Purchasing Power

1 in 7 People

Disabled Worldwide

15 Percent

Of The Global Population
Proactive strategies to engage the buying power of 1.8 billion people with disabilities

Ready or Not! Media provides companies with direct access to an extremely large, yet woefully under-supported marketplace. We provide the means to reach, influence and monitize programs to tap into  into this vast market via:

  • Experiential trainings
  • Public Speaking Engagements
  • Marketing and Branding Campaigns
  • Compelling Event Management Services
  • Strategic and Tactical Consultations 

We work directly with you and your team to create empathetic, authentic conversations and experiences to see your mission through the perspective of those with life challenges. As we continue to advance access initiatives, it is important for organizations and businesses to be proactive with including the world’s largest minority group, people with disabilities. That this market is larger than the entire population of China, one wonders, why has this unique population been for so long, ignored and overlooked? 

By embracing this multi-trillion dollar market, not only will your company receive a postive impact to its bottomline, collectively, your company’s participation will help positively transform the economic growth of public and private institutional cash flows, as well as better position our society to manage, not only the disabled, but also our aging populations. 

The time to drive culture change across your organization is now. NOW is the time for executives, management teams and the rank and file to be role models, where everyone belongs. Let us help you better appreciate this market, support this fiercely loyal group and increase your bottomline in the process.  We lead with heart and purpose to sustain this burgeoning global movement.

* Empathy, or the ability [for a business] to understand and share the feelings of [its customer], is an important (yet overlooked) business superpower. In 2013, a prominent market research firm found emotionally engaged customers to have a 306% greater lifetime value (ROI), over those who are not emotionally engaged.



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Lori is a highly skilled Development and Communications professional with an excellent understanding of the disability market. She's a true professional, intent on assisting the client achieve their goals. I would hire her in a NY minute:)!
John D. Kemp
CEO, Lakeshore Foundation
Working with Lori Frisher on our ADA compliance and disability awareness training has been game changing for our company - Clayton Members Club and Hotel. Lori not only came to us with an astounding amount of information, resources and expert guidance, she is truly the most joyful and positively infectious person.
 Lori made it her mission to know each and every one of our staff here at Clayton (over 100 people!) and I cannot count the number of times I have personally been thanked for bringing the gift of Lori to our company.
Rachel Smith
Partner Clayton Member’s Club and Hotel
Lori is a motivated, detail-oriented individual who works as hard as anyone I know for her clients. She is extremely creative and is able to see and forge strategic partnerships for the mutual benefit of all involved. Lori also knows exactly what it takes to communicate a client's message, both for the client and, just as importantly, to the client's target audience. A talented business woman with a heart!
Max Gomez
Media Production, Consultant and Talent
Trying to pick the top three attributes for Lori is difficult, since she has consistently been one of the most proficient and trustworthy people I've ever done business with! Her dedication to make everything right, in a first class way, even if she needed to roll up her own sleeves is something that more people need these days in the workforce. Her creativity and passion are above and beyond what you might expect. She is truly a gift to any project or vision you may have!
Mary Bryant-McCourt
Keynote Speaker, Founder of FREEDOM TEAM of Wounded Vets
Lori Frisher is an out of the box creative individual who will bring that same mantra to Ready or Not! Media. I have been fortunate to strategically collaborate with Lori during the 2000 Sydney Paralympic Games while she worked at We Media. Lori and We Media raised the bar for not only the United States Association of Blind Athletes but also Paralympic athletes by promoting their abilities around the world.
Mark Lucas
Wayfinder Family Services formerly with USABA
I loved that you choose the disability for us to "live in ." I hope we offer this training again!
Events Operations Manager
Being gifted with items that put us in the shoes of our disabled siblings was an outstanding touch. This exercise takes it to a whole new level and forces perspective.
Member Experience Supervisor