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Ready or Not! Media Mission
Let’s Change the World Together

The time is NOW. Communities and companies are focusing on providing better access and accessibility to the disabled community.

Not only is this the right thing to do, it must go beyond checking the box. To lead with empathy is to understand the challenges of the disabled better and instill confidence in the interactions undertaken.

We engage everyone from the rank and file to the executive suite, taking the uncomfortable and making it comfortable; in a safe and welcoming environment. Those who take our training are forever changed. We dismantle apathy – everyone leaves positively engaged. 

Do You (Really) Hear Me? – a DisruptHR talk by Lori Frisher

Lori Frisher delivers an inspiring talk, shedding light on the discrimination faced by disabled individuals and urging us to champion accessibility in the workforce. Get ready to be motivated and take action!

Lori is a mixture of a passionate disability advocate and a deft businessperson. Her ability to give her clients a truly authentic and valued experience is second to none. If your organization chooses to do business with her it will be better for it.
Jonathan J. Kaufman
President J Kaufman Consulting

Lori Frisher: Inspiring Disability Empathy and Accessible Workplaces - Inclusion Catalyst​

Join Josh Miller of Josh Miller Ventures and IDEAS xLab as he interviews Lori Frisher. Gain insights into the power of experiential learning and the impact of remote and hybrid jobs for individuals with disabilities. Get inspired by Lori’s journey and her mission to create a more inclusive world.

​Ready or Not! Media Founder, was first recipient in the world of Esteem with her Cochlear Implant.

Lori’s story, captured by the Emmy nominated show, “Road to Hearing,” was showcased on Fox 31, Denver, Colorado. Viewers were able to watch one of the first persons to ever receive the benefits of this fully-implanted ground-breaking technology. 

Melanoma Research Foundation Gala 2022: Lori Frisher Spotlight

Ready or Not! Founder, Lori Frisher, was awarded the 2022 Courage Award at the 2022 Melanoma Research Foundation Gala held in Denver, CO. Lori is the true embodiment of the MRF’s slogan: Progress is Power. Continue reading below or check out the video to learn more about Lori’s journey and what this award means to her.

Colorado & Company Spotlight: Lori Frisher and Ready Or Not! Media 

In this Colorado & Company/NBC News segment, Lori demonstrates tasks people with disabilities may find challenging while highlighting the importance of accessibility and access. By sharing some of these real-life experiences with the mainstream, this promoted empathy and an opportunity to reflect on what we take for granted through positive engagement.

​Disaboom Launch Campaign Disabling Stereotypes

As a senior executive and community liaison, Lori helped launch, an online community for the 500 million plus people touched by disability. She created a strategic alliance with a major advertising agency, to deliver unique print, media and event campaigns. She recruited over a dozen leading community brand ambassadors, leaving a positive mark on the disability community.

During my days as as a TV anchor at Fox 31 I had the honor of sharing Lori’s Road to Hearing Journey with our viewers. I am proud that this piece was Emmy Nominated. Lori is authentic and passionate about sharing her journey through storytelling. I love that she believes the media is instrumental in sharing the importance of hope, opportunities and possibilities for people who are uniquely challenged. I am so happy to see her venture and I know she will be amazing.
Natalie Tysdal Podcast |

Book News

For the last few months, I’ve been working with the best group of women, and we did something big…

We wrote a BOOK! 

If that isn’t exciting enough, that book has become a #1 Amazon Best-Seller in less than 24 hours!

Can you believe it? I’m now a published author. 

It’s important for me to be able to share my story from my heart to not only empower others and give them permission to be vulnerable in what they need, to show up unapologetically, and to live the best and most authentic life possible.

Join me in Chapter 22, where I discuss Ready or Not!, Hear I Come: Rising Above Your Comfort Zone For An Incredible Life.

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Chaper 22: Ready Or Not, Hear I Come!

If you love the book as much as I loved writing it, please share it with anyone in your life who you think would appreciate the beautiful world of empowerment.

I can’t wait for you to read this!

Want to learn more? 

Check out the podcast below of a conversation between myself and fellow authors from the book.

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Articles about Ready or Not! Media/Lori Frisher

“Live Forward”
Lori Recruited advocates/brand ambassadors living with disabilities for Disaboom.

Live Forward Collage #2

Sydney 2000 Paralympics & WeMedia Launch

Lori Recruited advocates/brand ambassadors living with disabilities